Cross Of Erin eximious® Paschal Candle

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The Cross Of Erin® is a magnificent waxwork adapted from the sculpted stone high crosses of ancient Ireland. This stately 51% beeswax, made-to-order paschal candle is ideal for use during the Easter season and for other liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

The Easter Vigil is truly among the most impressive and beautiful of all Christian liturgical celebrations, and for this occasion, the towering Paschal candle offers its rich symbolism. For over a century, Cathedral Candle Company's steadfast devotion to excellence and innovation has set the standard for Paschal candle craftsmanship. 

eximious® Paschal Candles are indeed a tribute to the craft and art of more than 100 years of fine candle-making. An acknowledgement of the duality of special talents, the candle designer and the candle craftsman, who both share a common vision. 

Each and every eximious® Paschal Candle is made-to-order, master-crafted with the finest beeswax formulation and individually bench-worked and hand tooled to create splendid intricate inlays, rich on-lays and classic sculptured engraving. 

Cross Of Erin eximious® Paschal Candle designs are unique and allow the candle decorators artistic talent to fingerprint each individual candle. No two candles are exactly alike; every candle is an individual work of art.

*Complementing Altar Candles are also available for each eximious® Paschal Candle.

Diameter Length Size
1-15/16" 39" 4
2" 44" 5-2
2-1/16" 36" 4sp
2-1/16" 42" 5
2-3/16" 48" 6
2-1/4" 48" 7
2-3/8" 52" 8
2-1/2" 36" 6sp
2-1/2" 48" 8sp
2-1/2" 60" 10
3" 36" 9
3" 48" 11
3" 60" 15
3-1/2" 48" 15sp
3-1/2" 62" 20
4" 42" 18
4" 60" 25