St. Michael the Archangel Medal | Create Your Own | Engrave

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Patron Saint of Police Officers & EMT's

The St. Michael the Archangel Patron Saint Medal is fully customizable and available in many different options. Additional options are available, please call 1-800-334-3621 or email if you would like more information and availability.


Please email with any questions or comments. Engraving is an additional flat fee of $15.

  • *16 Characters max per line
  • Small Medals - Max one (1) line of engraving
  • Medium Medals- Max three (3) lines of engraving
  • Large Medals - Max four (4) lines of engraving

Sterling Silver

Our Sterling silver medals are at least 92.5 percent pure silver. Copper is typically combined to improve the metal’s hardness and durability without compromising the quality and look of the silver. 

Sterling Silver medal are marked with a quality stamp to ensure the content of the silver. Federal law mandates that the quality stamp must include the maker’s mark. You will find either “Sterling Bliss” or “Sterling BLI” on the back of our medals – both acceptable quality marks.

Gold Filled

Gold filled, also known as rolled gold is made up of a solid layer of 14 Karat Gold bonded with a base metal, such as brass, on both the front and back of the medal. Total content of Gold is 1/20 of the weight of the medal.

14 Karat Gold

Our 14 Karat Gold is composed of 58.3 percent pure gold and is ideal for fine jewelry. Other alloys, such as copper, are mixed in with the gold to give more of a red warm hue. This also give the metal strength. Since gold is a natural element, it is very durable. We do recommend removing the jewelry if it may come in contact with chemicals. To clean gold jewelry, use warm water and detergent free soap and a soft brush.


Founded in 1900, Bliss Manufacturing Co., Inc., is a family owned and operated company specializing in manufacturing of religious jewelry. Located in Pawtucket Rhode Island, Bliss Manufacturing employs 50 highly skilled workers who take great pride in delivering quality products in the most efficient method.